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We Treat These Charges Seriously. The Prosecution Absolutely Will.

Often referred to as assault or aggravated assault charges, battery offenses are severely prosecuted in Indiana. These are not charges that you want to take lightly. Prosecutors in Bartholomew County can and likely will move forward with a case even if the person who was injured refuses to press charges.

As a former prosecutor, attorney David Brinley is intimately familiar with the criminal justice system in Indiana. You benefit from his understanding of how both sides approach a case.

With Eynon Law Group, P.C., you have experienced lawyers and paralegals on your side who exhaust every legal option available to help you. We handle these cases with the utmost respect, treating you with compassion and providing realistic and honest advice. We know how to work with prosecutors, but we won’t back down either.

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Battery Laws In Indiana Are Complex.

Under Indiana law, an individual is charged with battery in cases involving physical contact. The level of offense ranges from a Class A Misdemeanor to a Level 1 or 2 Felony depending on the circumstances of your case. Factors that could aggravate or increase the severity of your charge include:

  • Severity of the injuries involved
  • Use of a deadly weapon
  • Age of the person who was injured
  • Your age
  • If a person with a disability was involved
  • Prior convictions on your record
  • If the injured person is a police officer, school employee, health care provider or other protected class

Although domestic assault and battery cases are not charged as separate offenses in Indiana, they can have very serious consequences. A battery arrest and conviction could also impact your parental rights in custody disputes.

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