Drug Offense Lawyers In Columbus

We Treat You With Compassion. We Challenge The Prosecution’s Case.

Whether you face charges for drug possession or distribution, there are very serious penalties to consider, including:

  • Legal consequences: You could face fines, seizure of property, probation, community service and/or jail time.
  • Ancillary consequences: A charge could impact your employment, professional license, business relationships, educational opportunities, affect child custody, or hinder your ability to obtain federal funding, a mortgage or other loans.

At Eynon Law Group, P.C., our highly experienced lawyers and paralegals understand what is at stake for you. We treat you with respect, providing detailed and straightforward advice about your particular situation. We put you at ease with our compassionate and attentive nature. We take a very different approach to your case, aggressively pursuing every option available to us under the law to reduce or dismiss the charges.

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We Know Indiana Criminal Law

Experience is an important factor to consider when choosing a defense attorney. We have decades of experience from both sides of the table. We know the law, and we know how to use it.
We promise to tenaciously defend you in any state drug case involving:

  • Possession of a drug or drug paraphernalia
  • Sale, distribution or trafficking of an illegal or controlled substance
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • Prescription fraud
  • Other crimes involving marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and other substances

Don’t Waste Any Time Building Your Case. The Prosecution Won’t.

Contact our law firm immediately if you have been charged with a drug offense. The prosecution is already building its case; make sure that you are doing the same. Schedule your consultation with an experienced attorney at our law firm by calling 812-669-1619 or sending us an email.