Estate Administration

Our firm also provides exceptional services assisting with Estate Administration. We provide Personal Representatives with the legal guidance they need to properly administer an estate. These services include opening the estate and ensuring that all beneficiaries and creditors receive proper notice per Indiana Law, providing the Court with the required accountings and inventories, assisting with the required fiduciary tax filing, and the distribution of assets.

Fiduciary Services / Trust Administration

In addition to estate administration, we also offer fiduciary services. We provide Trustees a comprehensive review of the trust language, the initial set-up process, distribution of assets, and permittable trust expenditures.

Why Should I Have A Lawyer?

As with many services today, there are do-it-yourself options for drafting a will or a health care representative power of attorney and/or living Will. Although these options might seem like a good idea, they can cause unintended consequences that can prove very costly for you and your family.